Why Your Website Needs Ongoing Content

By now, many businesses regardless of size and industry already recognize the need for having an online presence for business success. A website works 24 x 7 for potential customers to find you and view what you have to offer. Its pages hold images or even videos of all your products and services and most importantly, a contact form for them to reach you. Having a website is indeed a business necessity, much like the ubiquitous business card that every owner, manager, officer, professional or employee must carry.

For search engine visibility

Having a business website, however, is not enough.  A website, no matter how well-designed, may not be readily found on the World Wide Web where billions of pages exist and finding your website or blog is no different than finding a needle in the haystack. You must have unique, relevant and useful content for search engines to crawl and index your web pages. Why is this important? Because every potential client, customer or buyer ordinarily starts the buying process with an Internet search.  They type in specific words that describe what they’re looking for and those words (also known as keywords) must match words that appear in your website for it to get the chance to appear on Google’s first page search results. Yes, the goal is to appear in search results, and preferably the top 10 or anywhere on the first page because from experience, searchers don’t often go beyond the first page.


SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy involving various techniques that increase your website’s chances of landing in the top search results. No single technique can ensure first page rankings immediately. And no one can (or should) be able to guarantee that as well. At best, SEO is something every website must work at continuously, not for one week or a month, or even a year, although consistent efforts at creating quality SEO content for a long period can have lasting effects.

Why ongoing content?

The simple answer being that throughout Google’s history of algorithm changes (the formula that determines how a page will rank in its search results) only one thing remains to be unaffected– and it’s the reason why it’s referred to as the “King”– CONTENT.

The stuff that appears on your web pages– graphics, text, videos, audio files are content types that determine whether Google will love you or not. To be sure, all content types are important but not everything is suitable for video or audio and are best left written.  Besides, text content are the easiest to create and upload without technical difficulties. They also are friendly to Google bots (the programs that go around the Internet viewing web pages, indexing and storing them in Google’s huge database).

You also need content to be fresh, i.e. your website or blog must be updated regularly for Google to notice it, find it and include it in its search results. Fresh and unique content is vital for any website to succeed because it is Google’s stated goal to provide the most relevant search results to its users. Often, all that an existing website may need is to add or incorporate a blog which can easily be updated with fresh content.

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